Blissful Yoga studio is thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new class in Lichfield this summer:

A weekly ‘Blissful Yin’ class is launching on Wednesday 11th July 2018 from 5.30 – 6.45 pm.

More about Blissful Yin:
Yin focuses on gaining a powerful release by working with ligaments, joints and muscles and the body’s deep connective tissue in order to help open and unblock energy. Each Blissful Yin class begins by centring and relaxing the mind with a short pranayama. The Yin postures, which are longer held floor based poses (usually around 3-5 mins) compliment a more active practice or sports regime. Improving flexibility, reducing stress, improving joint mobility, increasing circulation and the flow of energy through the body are just some of the benefits. The session completes with a short Yoga Nidra to allow the body to absorb the benefits of this wonderful practice.

Introducing new teacher Michelle Williams – Blissful Yin:
“Around five years ago I developed the debilitating illness ME (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome). My once extremely active life was not what it used to be and so, having always had an interest in yoga and in particular the more classical discipline of Hatha yoga, I began to research how my own practice could help in my recovery. I gradually started to attend classes, when my body would allow, and unlike other physical activity I was amazed at how well my body and my mind felt. This inspired me to train as a yoga instructor and I feel blessed to have had a life changing experience in 2018 by completing the 200hr certified training course in India under the amazing guidance of Jeevmoksha Gurukul. I truly owe my health and continuing recovery from ME to yoga and hope that my experiences will help others to see their own inner and outer strength develop and grow.

My classes are breath-centred and suitable for all. The content encompasses the disciplines of both Hatha and Yin yoga, including gentle flows, asana, pranayama, deep stretches and relaxation. The overall aim is to offer you a chance to create your own body-mind connection.”


We look forward to welcoming many of you to your first session, which is complimentary. Going forward classes will be priced at the normal Blissful rate of either £8.50 per class pay as you go or a (pre-paid) block payment every six weeks of £42 (which works out at £7 per class.)

Please do get in touch in you if have any queries. Come along and see for yourself!

Warm wishes

Suzanna & Michelle

07598 652 021 / 07950 658 724