“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” World Health Organisation

Are you ready to slow down, relieve tension and take some time out for yourself? And to stretch, strengthen and re-energise your body? Blissful Yoga could be just the exercise and relaxation routine you’ve been looking for.

Classes are  largely based on the principles of Dru positive health and well being to unblock energy in the body, ease back pain and improve posture. It offers a wonderful, therapeutic practice that allows you to nourish your body, mind and soul in a safe, light-hearted way. Other sessions focus on a fusion between traditional Hatha and Yin Yoga. Each class is non-competitive and designed to be accessible to all ages and abilities, with postures and sequences that can be easily adapted to ensure that each student feels included, empowered and accepted.

Blissful Flow features gentle Dru Yoga sequences, meditation practice and relaxation, establishing a flow with breath awareness to release tension. Experience the therapeutic benefits of the Blissful Power class which offers a stronger Dru practice with focus on core strength and healthy body alignment. Blissful Yin is a breath-centred practice with a deep stretch and release which aims to complement any sporting or other exercise regime. Blissful Fusion takes the best of both Hatha and Yin styles to create a yoga fusion that balances asana and pranayama that fosters the mind-body connection.


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  1. Hi Jaqueline. Please don’t be alarmed as it’s unlikely that anyone will have had chance to read your message and I have now permanently deleted the comment you posted. The style of yoga I teach is called Dru and it is heavily focused on breathing – hugely beneficial for boosting prana in the body (life force) and releasing tension. Why not try a class and see for yourself? The first one is complimentary – I am very happy to arrange with you a one to one sessions in future, too. Do give me a call on 07950 658 724 if you want to chat further (a class is about to start so it might be better tomorrow morning). I hope that this has put your mind at rest. Best wishes Suzanna


  2. Hi Suzanna
    I am looking forward to seeing gyou all on Monday .
    I would like to know more info about the blissful power class too please.
    Thank you


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