Are you ready to slow down, relieve tension and take some time out? And to stretch, strengthen and re-energise your body? Blissful Yoga could be just the exercise and relaxation routine you’ve been looking for to help you feel right at home with yourself again.

We warmly welcome students of all ages and abilities to learn the principles of health and well being that can help unblock energy in the body, ease back pain and improve posture. Classes offer a wonderful, therapeutic practice that allows you to nourish body, mind and soul in a safe, private studio. Sessions are taught by fully-qualified teachers with a light-hearted approach, offering a range of classes that include traditional Hatha, Dru Ashtanga and Yin yoga styles. Each class is non-competitive and designed to offer a practice that can be easily adapted to ensure that each student feels included, empowered and accepted.

The importance of a balanced practice is based on the idea that all areas of the body, mind and soul need to be used in order to maintain optimum health and well being. Blissful Flow features gentle Dru Yoga sequences, meditation practice and relaxation, establishing breath awareness to release tension and discover an inner stillness. Blissful Yin is a breath-centred practice with a deep stretch and release which aims to complement any sporting or other exercise regime. Blissful Stretch and Relax boosts mobility and mindfulness as a chair-based practice, building upper body and core strength. Blissful Fusion takes the best of both Hatha and Yin styles to create a yoga fusion that fosters the essence of mindful connection. Blissful Ashtanga is a traditionally dynamic and more challenging form of yoga – perfect for those who are looking for an all-round yoga experience and for advancing practitioners.

We look forward to welcoming you home soon…

“The body benefits from movement and the mind benefits from stillness.”

“Sakyong Mipham”