Blissful Yoga provides a calm feeling of well being. Classes focus on breathing techniques and relaxation whilst providing a thorough workout for your muscles and joints. I can honestly say that I really enjoy my yoga classes with Suzanna and they’ve certainly helped me get through the last 20 months. It’s always lovely to see her cheerful smile and I really appreciate her kindness.” Sue

“Suzanna takes an holistic approach to the student she is teaching. My life is busy, stressful and very full. She quickly identified that in my 1-2-1 classes, which focus on releasing the tension and stress in my life, whilst working on my mobility and flexibility. The last 15 minutes of relaxation are the principle of the hour. To top it all, her yoga room is in a perfect setting. Beautifully decorated and set next to the comforting sounds of Beacon Park. I would highly recommend Suzanna to anyone who wants to invest in themselves for an hour, unwind and reset whilst enhancing their physical well-being.” Sarah

I would never have thought yoga was for me but after my first hour under the instruction of Suzanna, I am converted… sleeping like a teenager again is guaranteed. Thank you!” Mick