I’m Suzanna and I have always been a yogi – ever since I first recall watching in awe as my dear Nan would practice in her bathroom at Penllyn, in Wales.

Yoga isn’t just about a practice. It’s so much more than that for me. It’s the way I breathe, the way I notice my body moving, how I observe and recall the world around me, how I pause and appreciate the blissfully, insignificant moments of my day, and it’s a reminder that I am; we are; everything is universally connected. It’s a sense of wholeness, purpose and belonging in a world that might otherwise seem to divide, deplete and fragment. So my mantra is to take each day as it comes and to trust that what my body and mind are telling me is true.

Teaching here in the centre of our beautiful city of Lichfield is a treat in itself. Since completing my teacher training in 2014 I have met so many interesting students, some of whom are still with me today. Thank you! And I look forward to sharing a practice and so much more with you soon.

You are not a machine. You need things that light up your soul. Drop the giant expectations of doing-it-all and embrace the beauty of just being!

Published by Suzanna Rees

Dur Yoga teacher and owner of Blissful Yoga Studio in Lichfield, Staffs.

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